Experienced Professional Dog Services Since 1992

About Kennel Clips...

I started working with dogs in a boarding and quarantine kennel in Bedfordshire before I left school and have worked with animals ever since. In the past I have worked as a vets receptionist/nurse and studied for the Royal Animal Nursing Auxiliary (RANA) as well as numerous breeding and boarding kennels. Dogs and Cats in particular have always been a big part of my life.

I started Kennel Clips in 1992, after completing my training in London at the Canine Comforts Academy of Grooming run by Gill East.Since then I have successfully run my own dog grooming business in Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire prior to moving to Powys. Over the years of gaining experience some great friendships have also been built, both with those on two legs and four!

Settled in Powys since 2004 I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience born out of my great love for our four legged friends. The grooming service I provide remains both personal and friendly and is provided on a one to one basis.

Your dog(s) will have all my attention during their appointment with me. Each one is groomed with care and patience in a calm and controlled environment. Dogs are not usually restrained as I find this can unsettle some and things are much more relaxed if I provide all the necessary control using my arms alone.

Working with dogs for so many years has provided me with some of my most treasured memories with love and lots of laughter as well as some unique insights into how to improve the relationship between dogs and their owners...

"Dogs are for LIFE, not just for Christmas!"

Kennel Clips has evolved into much more than dog grooming and we are going down the route of holistic health and well-being for your dogs. Throughout my life and experiences, I am pointed 'Back to Basics' in so many areas, so that is where I am heading.

I have completed the Reiki I and Reiki II Practitioner Courses run by the Natural Harmony Centre, and I am now qualified to work with people or animals. I have been working on my own dogs at home and friends' dogs via distance healing with some amazing results.

We also offer help and advice on nutrition and the adding of herbs to your dogs diet.